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A Second Meeting Featuring the Dialogue between Theology and Psychology

On March 16, 2019 the second meeting featuring the Dialogue between Theology and Psychology, organized by the Volos Academy for Theological Studies in cooperation with the Charitable Company “Health Path” and the Youth Association of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias was successfully held at the University of Economics (Volos, Greece). The general topic of the meeting was: Family: Power Games or Game with Rules?

The first speaker Nikos Sideris, Psychologist- Psychiatrist pointed out that within every normal family the roles are by nature asymmetric and there are differences between the members. Frequently, in moments of emotional charging, interpersonal relationships are misinterpreted as power relations, resulting in power and influence games that blur the reality and pollute family relationships. He then explained in a meaningful way what parent-child relationship means and what the child expects from his/her parents. Finally, he pointed to the two things each parent can offer to his child: Love and rules.

The second speaker Rev. Varnavas Giagou, Responsible for Youth, Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki, referred to the importance of the family as a field of inspiration and play, noting the need to offer the child love either with maternal emotionality or with parental robustness. Father Varnavas also made reference to the bravery by which it is appropriate to experience family life, as it is our choice, while highlighted the importance of the example of parents, with which children are taught experientially.

The Metropolitan of Demetrias and Almiros, Ignatios, concluded the event, reminding that virtues, such as philanthropy and spiritual bravery, enrich the family life.

You can watch on YouTube the event (in Greek).