International Consultation

“Eastern Orthodoxy and Inter-Religious Encounter in a Secular Age”

September 15-17, 2017

Thessalia Conference Center, Volos, Greece

On September 15-17, 2017, the Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Greece) in co-operation with the Department of Theology and Religion of the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) organize an International Consultation on the general theme: “Eastern Orthodoxy and Inter-Religious Encounter in a Secular Age.” The proposed consultation will explore the nature and history of interreligious encounter from an Orthodox Christian perspective as well as the differing Christian theologies of religion (including the relatively new discipline of “comparative theology”) and the different practices of interreligious dialogue with a strong emphasis on its place in the public sphere in a post-Crete Orthodox world. Christians have long asked whether members of other religions might be “saved” or whether other religious traditions (or none) could be redemptive apart from Jesus Christ. The consultation will, therefore, explore critically from an Orthodox Christian perspective (with emphasis on Patristic teaching) all the standard “models” in the theology of religion that look at redemption in relation to other religions including exclusivism, inclusivism, pluralism as well as post-liberal critiques of these models (e.g. particularism)and the contemporary turn to “comparative theology” moving away from abstract soteriological issues to a close textual engagement (informed by inter-religious dialogue) of Christian scholars with other religious traditions’ texts and rituals.

Participants include:

Rev. Dr. Andrew Louth , Professor Emeritus of Patristic and Byzantine Studies Durham University (UK), Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis , Archbishop Iakovos Professor of Orthodox Theology, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Boston, USA)

Dr. Petros Vassiliadis , Professor Emeritus, University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Dr. Paul Ladouceur , Trinity College (University of Toronto), Montreal Institute of Orthodox Theology (Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses, Université Laval, Canada)

Dr. Angeliki Ziaka , Associate Professor, University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Dr. Brandon Gallaher , Lecturer of Systematic and Comparative Theology, Exeter University (UK)

Dr. Athanasios N. Papathanasiou , Lecturer, Hellenic Open University, Editor in Chief of Synaxi (Athens, Greece)

Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis , Deputy Director, Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Greece)

Dr. Christine Mangala Frost , Lecturer and Research Associate, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge, UK)

Dr. Julia Konstantinovsky , Tutor, School of Theology, Oxford University (UK)

Dr. Marko Vilotic , Assistant Professor, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade (Serbia) and Member of the Steering Committee of the Center for Philosophy and Theology (Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Rev. Tikhon Vasylev , PhD Candidate, Wolfson College, Oxford University (UK)

Here you can take a look to the programme.

The language of the Consultation is English. Registration is required for the Consultation; please contact the Secretariat of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Mrs. Valila Giannoutaki: +3024210 93553, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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