Launched by 25 Italian universities and 6 international research centers, including FSCIRE, the Italian National PhD Program in Religious Studies ( www.drest.eu ) offers 43 scholarships in 23 Italian cities with one mandatory semester abroad. The call for application is open until August 25th.
The Program operates within six curricula or thematic areas: 1. Buddhism and Religions of Asia; 2. Christianity; 3. Islam; 4. Judaism; 5. Law and Religion; 6. Transdisciplinarity and Technological Frontier Research.
Applicants must be in possession of either an Italian higher level degree (Laurea Specialistica under D.M. 509/99 or Laurea Magistrale under D.M. 270/04) or equivalent qualification obtained abroad.
Deadline is 25 August 2022.
Additional information and the online application are available at the international website of the Program: www.drest.eu.

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