Holy Metropolis of Demetrias

Volos Academy for Theological Studies


"Extension of registration until Wednesday 30 October 2019"

Volos Greece, 22 – 24 November 2019

Melissatika Volos

«Women Chanters of Byzantine & Ecclesiastical eastern Orthodox Chant»

Teaching and conducting a women’s Byzantine Choir»



Byzantine - Ecclesiastical Compositions were originally written for male voices. During the last decades numerous women have been studying Byzantine Music in Music Schools in Greece and at Conservatories (ecclesiastical, municipal or private). Many women have already received a Diploma in Ecclesiastical Chanting from great Greek masters. The need of women's appearance in Churches in order to replace an empty analogium because of the lack of male chanters is a sign of the times. The luck of many male byzantine choirs at the Greek Orthodox Church, the Byzantine Choirs Typikon and the study and artistic presentation of the repertoire of byzantine and post - byzantine composers, have created the need for all those female chanters to try to get together in chanting groups and participate in Orthodox ceremonies and present concerts of Ecclesiastical Chant. The present 1st Symposium of Women Chanters dedicated to 'Saint Cecilia' (24/11) gives the opportunity to orthodox female chanters to meet, get acquainted with each other and discuss issues such as voice intonation, Issokratema, women's voice warm up, repertoire etc.

The Artistic Director and the Organizers of the "1st Symposium of Women Chanters 'Santa Cecilia'” invite female chanters of the Greek orthodox chant who wish to learn more about the history of Greek Orthodox Chant, the Byzantine and the Post - Byzantine Composers, to participate at the first meeting in Volos and discuss about matters of rhythm, Issokratema and choir conducting. Sevi Mazera – Mamali, artistic Director and the women chanters of ADOUSAI CHOIR are very much pleased to invite female chanters and women’s choirs of Greek eastern Orthodox Chant who want to be informed about matters of the History of Greek Orthodox Chant and the numerous byzantine and post-byzantine Greek composers from 13th to 21th centuries and certainly to Chant, to join the event.

The Symposium Agenda includes:

​Academic Papers



Orthodox Matins –Divine Liturgy

Visit to Local Ecclesiastical Monuments and Treasures

The Symposium is dedicated to Santa Cecilia, who is related to religious Music and Arts. She is honored by both Churches (Orthodox and Roman Catholic) every 22th of November.

Orthodox women chanters of all levels from Greece or abroad, students of all kinds of Music Departments (Universities, Music Schools, Conservatoires, Ecclesiastical Music Schools ect), Nuns and every woman who appreciates the Psaltic Art are welcomed to participate in the symposium.

Welcome to participate as audience, is everyone interested in the issues and the concerts of the event.

Artistic Director :

Sevi Mazera - Mamali PhD

Byzantine Musicologist, Athens University

Ex teacher to Higher Ecclesiastical Academy of Vellas of Ioannina

Founder and Director of Volos Women Byzantine Choir "ADOUSAI" (since 2012)

Music Teacher, Ministry of Education

Byzantine Music Teacher, Volos Municipal Conservator

Piano Soloist

Higher theoretical Diploma

Organization and schedule

The Symposium will take place in Volos, Greece, at the Thessalia Conference Center of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias and Almyros (Melissatika, Volos) from 22 – 24 November 2019 with the following schedule:

Friday 22 November 2019 (St. Cecilia’s fest)

- Afternoon: opening lecture by His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatios

- Commencement – key lecture by Sevi Mazera – Mamali PhD, artistic director

- Evening: Psaltic performance and concert “Women Byzantine Choir ‘ADOUSAI’

Saturday, 23 November 2019

- Morning: individual scholarly presentations

- Noon: workshop in psaltic art and chanting

- Afternoon: Rehearsal with all the chanters for the Sunday’s Divine Liturgy

- Evening: Concert with the participation of women choirs

- Closing ceremony: Common performance of all the choirs

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Matins and Divine Liturgy with the presence of His Eminence Metropolitan of DemetriasIgnatios and with the participation of all the female chanters and choirs.

EXCURSION to the Museum of ecclesiastical treasures of Magnesia in Village of Makrinitsa Pelion, visit and Vespers at the female Monastery in St. Georgios village Pelion (The Monastery is known for the famous nun byzantine choir, and also by the biological production of local food)


Women scholars and researchers in the fields of the Symposium and also in theory and practice of the Psaltic Art, university instructors, musicologists and women chanters involved in many areas of the symposium’s theme are kindly invited to participate.

WOMEN CHOIRS of ecclesiastical Orthodox Eastern chant from Greece and abroad are invited to present a short program of Hymns. (Minimum of women chanters in every choir, 10 chanters)


A. Participation is possible:

a) either via presentation of scholarly papers, lasting 15- 20 minutes during the morning sessions: To apply click here.

b) Or short 10 minutes presentations during the noon sessions: To apply click here.

During the afternoon sessions, the use of graphics, posters (i.e. photographs of manuscripts, tables of theoretical clarification, bibliographical information etc.) is permitted.

B. Furthermore, the participation of chanters and musicians as auditors, as well as any interested in participating in the workshop groups of the Symposium is highly recommended - To apply click here.

C. Special application for the conductors - To apply click here.

(All the participants and the members of the choirs have to feel the application form!!)

The registration of all the participants is necessary.

Please state clearly the title of the proposed presentation, as well as the types of presentation materials that will needed. The registration form must be received by the organizational committee by September 30, 2019. To propose a paper please submit an abstract in Greek or English to a maximum of 300 words and attach a short biographical note or CV. The selection of the participants will be announced by 15 October 2019 by the organizational and program committee.

The official conference languages are Greek and English.


The Symposium and Festival fee is 50 euro per participant and 25 euro for students (includes the symposium material, coffees, dinners Friday & Saturday and Saturday lunch. The organization is unable to cover any other expenses. For special Hotel prices click here.

The accommodation expenses are covered exclusively by each participant.

Sunday’s excursion is out of the participation fee.


Participation fee can be paid by web-transfer to the bank account, indicated in the application form.